Management Support

BJC EAP’s professional staff is composed of masters-level and above professionals who represent a wide range of training and experience. Areas of expertise include working with individuals and groups, conducting assessments and referrals and providing education and training. Services are designed to reduce personal and job stress, enhance morale and improve productivity.

Here are five ways managers can utilize BJC EAP:

  • Recommend BJC EAP to your employees.
  • Refer employees to BJC EAP for mandatory counseling.
  • Receive a management consultation regarding an employee.
  • Coordinate on-site educational workshops for your team led by BJC EAP consultants.
  • Get assistance with managing a crisis.

Management Consultation

When you have a concern about an employee, call BJC EAP for a consultation. We will help you assess the situation and make a recommendation. If a performance problem is identified, our consultants may recommend a management referral. There are three referral options:

  • Voluntary (self-referral): Employees and their family members may confidentially contact BJC EAP directly and obtain counseling. 
  • Recommendation: Other employees, including management, recommend BJC EAP to the employee as a resource when the employee indicates he or she is having a problem. 
  • Mandatory Management Referral: Management may make formal referrals on behalf of employees for a work performance problem. After counseling begins, BJC EAP will report back to the referring manager whether or not the employee is being seen, if he or she is working on a plan of action to correct the problem and if the employee is cooperative in following the plan of action. No information on the nature of the problem, unless specifically required in writing by the employee, is revealed to the manager. 

Supervisor Referral Forms

Learn more about Supervisor Referrals with this informative video

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