BJC offers these hour-long workshops for groups of employees. Customized workshops also are available. To schedule a workshop, contact us or call 314.747.7490 or toll-free 888.505.6444.

Coaching for Excellence — This interactive workshop teaches a coaching model that supervisors can use to help employees change a behavior, develop a skill or improve performance. Includes role playing and encourages lively discussion.

Codependency in the Workplace — This workshop focuses on the meaning and characteristics of codependency, enabling in the workplace, interventions and community resources that can help identify unhealthy behaviors at work.

Compassion Fatigue — Professionals who help others through fear, pain and suffering may feel similar fear, pain and suffering because they care. After the tragedy of 9-11, we have seen and heard first-hand the trauma of helping those who have seen immense suffering. This workshop will evaluate the participants’ level of compassion fatigue and formulate a recovery plan for returning to a place of healing and restoration.

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace — Two-thirds of all Americans entering the workforce have used illegal drugs -- 44% within the last year. With every new employee hired, the statistics stack up against a company. Learn the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, how to avoid the traps that make matters worse, the best course of action and how to get appropriate help.

Fashion Is Not the Issue — A professional image gives you a competitive edge by significantly improving your visual impressions in personal and professional situations.

Respect vs. Harassment — This workshop provides overview of the impact of harassment on employees and how to deal with it.

Responding to Workplace Violence — This workshop focuses on educating employees regarding potential risk factors, how to identify who is at risk for being violent, prevention and intervention techniques and how to de-escalate potentially violent situations.

Taking Charge — The purpose of this training is to educate employees about accountability and empower them to change their attitudes and improve their work performance.

Team Building — This workshop provides an overview of the process of team building in the workplace and tools for building effective interpersonal, professional relationships at work.