BJC offers these hour-long workshops for groups of employees. Customized workshops also are available. To schedule a workshop, contact us or call 314.747.7490 or toll-free 888.505.6444.

Assertive Communication — In this workshop, you’ll explore three communications styles and their application in personal and professional relationships.

Conflict Management — This workshop provides a review of the difficulty of conflict in relationships and a discussion of successful resolutions.

Dealing with Difficult People — Learn about the different types of difficult people and what strategies work for each of these types. Information is provided on ways to better interact with others and what you can do to change your thinking and behavior in difficult situations.

Gender Communication — Basic information is provided on communication in general and gender communication in the workplace specifically. The two sections can be used separately or together, depending on needs and time limits. This can be a very fun, as well as beneficial, training program -- especially with input from the group.