BJC offers these hour-long workshops for groups of employees. Customized workshops also are available. To schedule a workshop, contact us or call 314.747.7490 or toll-free 888.505.6444.

Balancing Work & Family — This workshop promotes dialogue about the challenges so many of us face as we juggle the demands of work and personal lives. Warning signs and constructive coping strategies will be discussed.

Discipline and Your Children — Offers advice on how to provide discipline in a manner that is both easy to use and effective, without alienating children. Discipline for both young children and adolescents is addressed.

Keeping a Low-Stress Home — This workshop is for those who need assistance in keeping minimal stress in their home, offering tips and ideas for how to maintain your home as a retreat from stress.

Parenting Children and Adolescents – Learn how to better understand and communicate with your children and adolescents. Problem solving, improving self-confidence and behavioral problems are discussed. A customized plan for improving your relationship with your child or adolescent is included.

Parenting Is a Full-Time Job — Includes discussions of effective parenting skills, how to get your children to do what you want them to do, raising children in a single-parent household and how to avoid the traps that make parenting difficult and ineffective.