Personal Growth

BJC offers these hour-long workshops for groups of employees. Customized workshops also are available. To schedule a workshop, contact us or call 314.747.7490 or toll-free 888.505.6444.

Change Management — Change can have a significant emotional impact. In this workshop, the personal side of change is explored and how we can best help ourselves and others to make the transition.

Emotional Maturity: Are You Growing Up or Just Getting Older? — Does your maturity match your chronological age? Do you grow a little wiser each year of your life? Just because someone is a "grown-up" doesn't mean they have grown emotionally. Your relationships are dependent upon your total emotional development. The single most important task for any person wishing to improve their relationships is to increase their self-esteem and emotional maturity. This dynamic workshop will explore the different types and measurements of age, the characteristics of emotional maturity vs. immaturity and present strategies to grow more emotionally mature.

Virtual Addiction — This workshop provides an overview of the signs and symptoms of computer addiction and how to assist in this type of addiction.