Stress, Change and Burnout

BJC offers these hour-long workshops for groups of employees. Customized workshops also are available. To schedule a workshop, contact us or call 314.747.8490 or toll-free 888.505.6444.

Burnout — This workshop helps employees deal with the stress that can occur from burnout. It provides education on definitions, stages and symptoms of burnout. Coping strategies are presented.

Grief: Dealing with Personal Loss — This workshop addresses the personal impact a significant loss can trigger, explores the dynamics of the stages of grief and generates ideas about healthy ways to recover.

Grinch Busting — This training looks at what happens during the holiday season to add stress to our lives, including both the physical and emotional effects.  Positive ways to cope with holiday stress are provided.

Hooked on Helping — This workshop is designed for those in the helping professions, such as nurses, social workers and counselors. It provides recognition and affirmation of the value of caregiving and explores the necessity of good self-care as a means of preventing long-term stress and burnout.

Stress Busting — Through the use of humor, relaxation and state-of-the-art communication skills training, this workshop helps participants take ownership of the ways they allow stress to take over. After exploring “the anatomy of a stressful day,” participants will explore physiologic, cognitive and communicative interventions to make stressful days more manageable. Participants will be given the opportunity to offer their own stress-busting strategies.

Stress Management — This workshop looks at some of the sources of stress, the negative consequences of unrelenting stress and suggested coping skills for a personal stress management toolkit. Participants will also practice a relaxation exercise.