These workshops are available through the BJC Employee Assistance Program. Generally, workshops are one hour and facilitated by BJC EAP staff or affiliated community professionals. Most workshops require four weeks of lead-time for scheduling. Customized workshops are available.

Please call 314.747.7490 for more information or to schedule a workshop.


These workshops provide tools for parenting, stress in the home and maintaining balance between work and family.

Led by certified financial planners, here's help for budgeting, long-term financial planning and retirement.

Personal Growth
This category includes dynamic offerings on change management, emotional maturity and virtual addiction.

With a focus on communication skills, these workshops help you improve your dealings with family, friends, coworkers and more.

Stress, Change and Burnout
Get tips on how to better deal with stress related to work, holidays, grief and more in these helpful offerings.


These informative sessions cover a spectrum of work-related topics including drugs and alcohol, harassment, coaching, team building, workplace violence and much more.