Finding Your Own Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Finding Your Own Peace in the Midst of Chaos

On 8 Aug 2019, in mental health, self-improvement, Grief

By Cynthia Hovis, MSW, LCSW, CCTP

Grief, sadness, anger, passion, and fear can all be natural responses to the recent instances of violence in our nation. Finding your own peace in the midst of chaos of life is essential to keeping your energy and ability to focus on the activities and responsibilities of daily living. As individuals we need to start with ourselves and then work our way out to make the changes we wish to see in our lives, our community and our world. We have to begin by taking care of ourselves and treating others with respect and dignity – the way we wish to be treated.

Here are a few tips for taking care of yourself during a public crisis:

  • Take breaks; get up and move around.
  • Look for the meaning in your work and everyday activities.
  • Disconnect from the social media and “news feed.”
  • Maintain regular sleep and exercise routines and eating habits.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this affecting me? If so, how am I coping? What do I need? How have I changed?”
  • Connect with loved ones for support.
  • Be aware of your vulnerability, strive for balance and maintain connection with others.
  • Pay attention to your inner experience and talk about your feelings and responses to the events with friends and family.
  • Focus on sources of pleasure and joy, and allow yourself to escape when necessary.                

BJC EAP is available for support by calling 314.747.7490 or 888.505.6444.

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