When a Coworker Dies

When a coworker dies, it can have a significant impact on the workplace.

How to Cope With Grief

Grief is an experience we would rather avoid, yet in each of our lives we deal with grief from the time of our youths when we may lose a favorite item or a pet to the times in our lives when a loss is much more profound and significant. When we lose a parent, a close relative, a spouse or a child, we can feel overwhelmed and sometimes paralyzed by emotions.

Managing Loss During the Holidays

It seems like there is one part of the year where we are hit with multiple holidays all at the same time: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day -- all within a three to four month timeframe. Here it is that time of year again!

Understanding and Dealing with Grief

What is grief? Definitions of the term vary but grief is generally understood as a feeling that arises from bereavement. Grief is also defined as distress arising from affliction or loss. We have learned a lot about the nature of grief through the efforts of researchers, scholars and mental health practitioners.