Top 10 Reasons to use BJC EAP

Top 10 Reasons to use BJC EAP

On 8 Mar 2021, in mental health, self-improvement

We all have a need to seek help and consultation at some point in our lives. Whether it’s helping you navigate life’s transitions, improve your experience at work, or maximize your physical and emotional wellbeing, BJC EAP is here to assist. While there are many reasons to contact BJC EAP for support, here are our top 10.

1. Free, Confidential Counseling

BJC EAP offers completely free and confidential short-term counseling to employees and their household members. Employee assistance services are paid for by your employer, who wants to provide you with a dependable resource to help you succeed at work and in life. BJC EAP counselors are a nonjudgmental pair of listening ears and a source of reliable support.

2. Stress Management

No matter how much we prepare, life can sometimes be overwhelming. In the past, some believed the presence of overwhelming stress was a sign of weakness, but we now know it can impact anyone -- regardless of individual character. The BJC EAP team is here to help you make sense of life stressors that can be difficult to unravel and assist in developing a plan to reestablish personal balance.

3. Grief & Loss

Grief is the natural, emotional response resulting from a significant loss, especially the death of a loved one. However, grief can affect individuals in many scenarios, including the loss of a spouse, family member, friend or pet, the dissolution of a marriage, job loss/change, empty nest syndrome, estrangement from family, or any other kind of significant loss. Counseling can be effective, especially in the initial stages of grieving, to give individuals a safe space to process their thoughts and feelings regarding their loss, and to learn ways to cope in the short-term -- in addition to planning for long-term healing. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is an individual process and BJC EAP can help provide supportive listening and guidance in your personal grieving journey.

4. Connection to Community Resources

BJC EAP is a bridge to help get connected to resources and services. We take an individualized approach by discussing each individual's specific needs. We encourage a wholistic look at the situation to brainstorm options, process emotions and connect to resources and services. We offer support and encouragement as well as a different perspective to help in problem solving. We are more than lists and links, we are here to walk beside you in the difficult times.

5. Parenting Support

Is it normal for my 13-year-old to spend so much time alone in her room? Can a 9-year-old have anxiety? Why don’t my kids listen to me unless I yell? Parenting can be challenging and it's normal to have questions. BJC EAP provides sound advice in a confidential, judgement-free setting. From improving communication, to setting boundaries and anything in between, BJC EAP is available as a parenting resource and support for you.  

6. Substance Abuse

BJC EAP can help anyone who is dealing with a substance abuse issue. Whether it's the individual’s own problem or a problem a loved one may have, that person will be referred to a professional who can complete a thorough substance abuse assessment and recommend the next step or steps a person may need to take. Each EAP staff member is knowledgeable about the variety of challenges associated with substance abuse and can help individuals get on the right track toward resolving their issue.

7. Relational

Difficult people can be anywhere: in one’s family, marriage, work environment, neighborhood, church or even in the news or greater political discourse. When difficult people are the source of stress, BJC EAP can teach strategies for coming home to one’s self through compassionate boundaries and self-care. BJC EAP can offer skills and tools for managing relational stress and building effective coping strategies for dealing with other people's difficult behaviors. 

8. Depression & Anxiety Management

Do you wake up feeling hopeless and exhausted? Are you so overwhelmed and drained that you don't know how you'll complete your daily tasks? Do you feel like your mind shifts from moving "a mile a minute" to complete "brain fog"? If you answered "yes," "maybe" or "sometimes" to any of these questions, know you are not alone in these experiences. BJC EAP will help you learn strategies to respond differently to those nagging, worrisome thoughts that prevent you from sleeping, and how to intervene when those negative, distressing thoughts invade your mind throughout the day. Remember, BJC EAP is here to help you find relief during this difficult time.

9. Safety Concerns

BJC EAP consultants are available to discuss safety issues, including those related to physical and emotional violence, within your family and/or intimate relationships. Perhaps you don't know where to turn, perhaps you wonder if your partner's behavior is "normal," perhaps you are worried about an uncertain future. You don't have to ask these questions alone. We want to meet you wherever you are with non-judgmental support, practical problem solving and personalized resources for your unique situation.  

10. Self-Care & Wellness

Many individuals worry that they may be “crazy” or “melting down.” BJC EAP understands that this concern is more often related to feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to cope with myriad challenges in our lives. We may need to learn new methods to create balance and implement positive self-care strategies. BJC EAP is here to provide support and problem-solving expertise to help individuals gain clarity and confidence about their ability to navigate their lives.

Whatever reason you may have to call BJC EAP, we are here to listen, support and provide you with the care you need to overcome and succeed in life. Telephone and virtual appointments are available. For more information, call 314.747.7490.

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