The Dangers of TV Tip-Overs

The Dangers of TV Tip-Overs

On 3 Feb 2015, in parenting, safety

Did you know?

  • There has been a 31 percent increase in TV tip-over related injuries over the past 10 years.
  • Seven out of 10 children injured by TV tip-overs are five or younger.
  • A 36-inch television falling three feet creates the same momentum as a one-year-old child falling 10 stories.
  • Approximately $8.3 million is spent each year in medical costs to treat children ages 19 and under in emergency rooms from TV tip-over injuries.
  • Every two weeks a child dies when a television, a piece of furniture or an appliance falls on him or her.     

Children like to climb on furniture. For them, the home is a playground. As you childproof, you may not be aware that unsecured TVs, furniture and appliances are hidden hazards lurking in every room. Here are some simple, low-cost steps you can take to stay safe and save lives.

To prevent a tip-over tragedy:

  • Check TVs
  • Assess the stability of the TVs in your home.
  • Secure TVs
  • Place all televisions on a sturdy, low base and push the TVs as far back as possible, particularly when anchoring them is not possible.
  • Mount flat screen TVs to the wall to reduce the risk of TVs toppling off stands. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you protect your wall and have a secure fit.
  • If you have a heavier, box-style TV, place it on a low, stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the TV's size and weight.

Recycle Old TVs

  • If you no longer use your CRT TV, consider recycling it. To find a location to safely and easily recycle unwanted TVs, consult the Consumer Technology Association

Secure Furniture

  • Use brackets, braces or wall straps to secure unstable or top-heavy furniture to the wall.
  • Install stops on dresser drawers to prevent them from being pulled all the way out. Multiple open drawers can cause the weight to shift, making it easier for a dresser to fall.

Rearrange Household Items

  • Keep heavier items on lower shelves or in lower drawers.
  • Avoid placing remote controls, food, toys or other items in places where kids might be tempted to climb up or reach for them.
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