Trying a New Sport? Remember, You're Not an Olympian (Yet)

Trying a New Sport? Remember, You're Not an Olympian (Yet)

On 9 Mar 2018, in health, safety

If watching the winter games made you want to try some new sports, go slow and ease into them. Don’t forget proper training and appropriate use of equipment.

According to the experts, whether it's a winter or summer sport, you should go into any new athletic activity with some element of preparation. You'll get more enjoyment from a performance standpoint, but it's also really important for injury prevention as well.

For instance, cardiovascular training helps boost endurance. Strength training builds up muscle around the bones and joints, which can help prevent injuries and speed recovery when injuries do occur.

It’s also important to use equipment that matches your skill level. For example, don’t try the long skis used by pros – instead, use a shorter ski that is easier to control.

Be sure to use a helmet – but be aware that while helmets can help prevent scalp cuts and skull fractures, they can’t eliminate the risk of concussion. The brain still moves within the head, and this cannot be changed by using a helmet.

Most injuries from winter sports are minor. If you get bumps and bruises trying a new sport – go the standard route with ice, over-the-counter pain medicine and rest.

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