What is EAP?

Since 1972, BJC EAP has provided employee assistance services to savvy organizations who understand that employee success equals company success.

Frontline Supervisor: Engaging Employees

Q. Engaging employees is important, but I think the missing piece is making sure they know what they are doing, how they will be measured and how they fit into the grand scheme of things. In other words, clarity and purpose. Am I right?

Frontline Supervisor: Safety in the Workplace

Q. My employee does not use his safety equipment. I have asked him many times to comply with our safety and OSHA standards, but to no avail. Maybe he doesn’t care if he is fired or injured. Can BJC EAP help?

Frontline Supervisor: Morale and Motivation

Q. Can I refer an employee to BJC EAP to gain more confidence in skills and abilities? One of my employees has the skills, but confidence and negative self-talk is a problem. I could give the employee motivational improvement literature, but is that getting too involved?

Study Proves High Return on EAP Investment

A study conducted by the Morneau Shepell research group found that every $1 invested in an employee assistance program (EAP) translates into a return on investment of $8.70 through a combination of improved productivity at work and less time away from work.

Frontline Supervisor: Dealing With Employees’ Personal Problems

Q. When employees with performance issues mention their personal problems, I feel obligated to participate in these discussions. It may sound cold, but I want to rid myself of this feeling and, like other supervisors, focus only on work issues.

Frontline Supervisor: Employee Morale and Motivation

Q. I have many employees and I must ensure that they stay motivated. I know employees have to motivate themselves and that I can't do it for them. So what is my role in the process? How do I play an influential part in motivating employees.

Frontline Supervisor: Performance Appraisals

Q. Can you provide some tips that will help me be more positive and effective in evaluating my employees' performance this year? What are some trouble spots that supervisors must be careful to avoid?

Frontline Supervisor: High-Conflict Employees

Q. Employees in conflict can be very disruptive to the work group. I have no problem making a referral to BJC EAP, but supervisors should attempt to resolve conflicts first. The question is how early to step in, right? Also, does a “formula” exist for doing it right?

Frontline Supervisor: Performance Appraisals

Q. Some of my employees have not had performance evaluations in several years, including some of my more difficult workers with attitude problems. I'm sure some connection exists between the lack of an evaluation and their behavior, but shouldn't self-control reign in mature workers?