Frontline Supervisor: Common Management Mistakes

Q. What’s the most common mistake supervisors make when confronting troubled employees?

Frontline Supervisor: Internet Use at Work

Q. What is Internet addiction and how can I spot whether Internet addiction is affecting productivity? How would you hold an employee accountable if you can’t “diagnose” the worker? It seems like a catch-22 to me.

Frontline Supervisor: Socializing With Employees

Q. I have an employee who does not participate in any after-hours activities that the other employees attend. She’s a great performer, but I tend to think more highly of employees who join in the fun. Should I inquire about why she does not join in? Maybe there’s a personal problem.

Frontline Supervisor: Addressing Employee Resistance

Q. I referred my employee to BJC EAP for performance issues, but was asked, “What will they do or say to me?” I know BJC EAP helps employees, but I couldn’t be specific. I think the employee is worried about sharing too much.

Frontline Supervisor: Diversity in the Workplace
We have a very diverse workplace, and I sometimes correct employees when I see them demonstrating poor tolerance of coworkers’ differences. I am not an expert on tolerance and bias, so can you offer some language, tips or “phrases” helpful in educating employees?
Frontline Supervisor: Taking Disciplinary Action
Q. I fear taking action to correct performance with some employees because being too determined could lead to dismissal, thereby causing me to incur the anger and disapproval of top management. How can BJC EAP help in this situation?
Frontline Supervisor: Becoming a Better Manager

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