Adult Children of Alcoholics: Complicated Childhood, Complex Adulthood

Most of our childhoods were full of happiness, fulfillment and good memories. Even as adults we all have times when childhood memories beckon us to the point where we daydream and sometimes even hope that we could relive our youth. But for many, those childhood memories are not so good. Unhappy memories might include recollections of times when one (or sometimes both) of our parents or caregivers were under the influence of alcohol. 

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and the Workplace

Q. My employee was unable to stick with a treatment program for alcoholism. Unfortunately, the employee’s job was lost due to the relapse. Why do some employees recover while others do not? I can’t help but think the relapse was somehow partly my fault.

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and Your Employees

Q. My fellow managers and I have been educated in the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse on the job, but isn’t the most important part of training learning to avoid being manipulated and dispelling misconceptions about alcoholism? 

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and Your Employees

Q. I am a skeptic who believes that alcoholics can’t learn to quit drinking. Aren’t success rates from treatment programs overblown? My father drank until his last days, and there were a lot of incidents that should have motivated him to quit.

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and Your Employees

Q. When my employee returns from lunch, where he usually has an alcoholic drink, he is much more outwardly friendly and pleasant. He does not appear drunk. This is not a violation of our drug and alcohol policy. He is often late in the morning for work, but never has alcohol on his breath. What should I do?

Working Under the Influence: An Accident Waiting to Happen

The workplace is not immune to drug abuse. In fact, most substance abusers are employed. In a survey of callers to the national cocaine hotline, 18 percent confessed to stealing from coworkers to support their addiction, and 64 percent admitted that their drug use negatively affected their performance.

How to Talk With Kids About Alcohol and Drugs

The issue of drugs can be very confusing to young children. If drugs are so dangerous, then why is the family medicine cabinet full of them? And why do TV, movies, music and advertising often make drug and alcohol use look so cool?

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol & Your Employees

Q. I will be confronting my employee about the smell of alcohol on his breath in accordance with our reasonable suspicion policy. Can you offer any quick tips prior to my meeting?

Alcohol and Your Health

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month. Approximately 80,000 deaths are attributed to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States. This makes excessive alcohol use the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death for the nation. 

Living With an Addicted Loved One: Going from Surviving to Living

Living with a loved one who has an addiction is a stressful and often painful experience. The effects of addiction on family members are long lasting and can be devastating. If you are living in a family where addiction is a problem, here are practical steps you can take to help yourself and encourage the addicted person to seek help.