Children Have Stress Too

In this busy world of ours, there is always something to do and always something to prove. As adults, we sometimes don't take into consideration the stress that our young children may be experiencing. Sure, childhood is a time in life when you should be carefree and have no worries, but you were a child once and you know that is not the case.

What to Do When Your Child Is Bullied

As parents in today's ever-changing world, we have many concerns for our children. One of these is bullying. Fortunately, by being aware of the warning signs, we can intervene to help our children. This is important because most children will not report bullying. This is due to fears of retaliation and not wanting to be seen as a "tattletale." As a parent you have a key role in preventing and reporting bullying. You can teach your child nonviolent ways of dealing with bullies.

Coping with Family Changes During the Holidays

For most people, spending time with family is their favorite part of the holidays -- and also the most stressful part of the holidays. One thing we can count on in our families is change. Many of these changes, whether they are joyful or sorrowful, can add additional challenges to the holiday season. Here are a few ideas for coping with family changes during the holidays.

College Students and Mental Health
The birds and the bees, drinking, drug use, campus safety – these are all important issues to discuss with college students. But how many people have a frank discussion with their college student about mental illness and how to stay mentally healthy? The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 75% of mental health issues begin by young adult age. 
What You Should Know About Family Violence

Family violence often goes unreported. Often, victims feel ashamed about what's happened or hopeless about improving their situation. In the meantime, family members suffer. Family violence often results in physical suffering, emotional pain and economic loss. Learning about it can help.

Online Gaming: Hobby or Health Hazard?

Video games of all kinds are popular and certainly fun and entertaining. Yet, as with many other things we have discovered and explored in our lives, there are sometimes hazards that need to be addressed. We have learned that this is especially true about new and exciting video games. Often to our shock and amazement, reports abound about online gaming that led to unhealthy results.

The Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Every year, more and more children are diagnosed with autism and many of us whose families are affected by autism begin to assume that everyone knows the facts about it. The truth is, there are still many misconceptions about autism and those who are affected by it. Here is some basic information about autism spectrum disorder.  

How to Talk to Kids About Traumatic Events

When children experience a trauma, watch it on TV or overhear others discussing it, they can feel scared, confused or anxious. Young people react to trauma differently than adults. Some may react right away; others may show signs that they are having a difficult time much later. Here are tips to help parents, caregivers and teachers respond in a helpful way.

Easing the Back-to-School Transition

Some children have a more difficult time than others making the transition back to school. Here are tips to help you ease your child's anxiety about getting back into the swing of the school year.

Building Healthy Relationships with Stepchildren

With 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it's common to become a stepparent. This can be a rewarding or difficult role. The good news is that with time and planning you can have a positive relationship with your stepchild. Here are some actions you can take to build successful relationships with your stepchildren.