Frontline Supervisor: Socializing With Employees

Q. I have an employee who does not participate in any after-hours activities that the other employees attend. She’s a great performer, but I tend to think more highly of employees who join in the fun. Should I inquire about why she does not join in? Maybe there’s a personal problem.

Frontline Supervisor: Addressing Employee Resistance

Q. I referred my employee to BJC EAP for performance issues, but was asked, “What will they do or say to me?” I know BJC EAP helps employees, but I couldn’t be specific. I think the employee is worried about sharing too much.

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and Your Employees

Q. My fellow managers and I have been educated in the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse on the job, but isn’t the most important part of training learning to avoid being manipulated and dispelling misconceptions about alcoholism? 

Frontline Supervisor: Violence in the Workplace

Q. An employee complained of being punched in the arm by a coworker. The “puncher” said it was “in jest,” and that no violent intent was meant. My own kids do this sort of thing. There is a bruise, but some people bruise easily. Is this a matter for BJC EAP? Or should I dismiss this?

Frontline Supervisor: Negativity at Work

Q. How can I help employees experience more positive communication and less negativity with one another?

Frontline Supervisor: Safety in the Workplace

Q. My employee does not use his safety equipment. I have asked him many times to comply with our safety and OSHA standards, but to no avail. Maybe he doesn’t care if he is fired or injured. Can BJC EAP help?

Frontline Supervisor: Becoming a Better Manager

Q. I like the concept of “management by wandering around.” I read about it in a textbook, but I think employees don’t like a supervisor who sneaks around in the workplace. Should I let employees know when I am coming? I think anything less will undermine trust.

Frontline Supervisor: Taking Disciplinary Action
Q. I fear taking action to correct performance with some employees because being too determined could lead to dismissal, thereby causing me to incur the anger and disapproval of top management. How can BJC EAP help in this situation?
Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and Your Employees

Q. I am a skeptic who believes that alcoholics can’t learn to quit drinking. Aren’t success rates from treatment programs overblown? My father drank until his last days, and there were a lot of incidents that should have motivated him to quit.

Frontline Supervisor: Tips on Effective Documentation

Q. How can I be better at documentation? I’ve been criticized for not sticking to the facts when I write, but if one of my employees demonstrates a continual pattern of conflict with others, I would say the “facts” are that the employee has a conflict-ridden personality.