Frontline Supervisor: Substance Abuse

Q. My employee, who has a commercial driver’s license, reportedly told another coworker he knows how to beat a drug test. All drivers participate in the drug screening program, and we have never had a positive test. What should I do, and how worried should I be?

Frontline Supervisor: High-Conflict Employees

Q. I have two employees who experience a lot of conflict. I know I can refer them to BJC EAP or, if things get worse, threaten disciplinary action. What more can I do to motivate them to change their behavior?

Frontline Supervisor: Extracurricular Activities at Work

Q. An employee loves organizing office pools for sports events. Maybe it’s harmless fun, but he treats it seriously and pressures people to place big bets. Is this an issue for an EAP referral?

Frontline Supervisor: How to Handle Employees’ Personal Problems

Q. My employee says she has distracting personal problems that cause her to be irritable to front office customers. I was about to make a supervisor referral when she shared this information and said she had an appointment with BJC EAP. Should I hold off, or make the referral?

Frontline Supervisor: Diversity in the Workplace

Q. We employ an ethnically diverse mix of people. While there’s no evidence of racism here, I sense trouble brewing. Is the EAP able to promote tolerance or cross-cultural awareness? 

Anger in the Workplace: Creating Awareness, Taking Action

There's nothing good about anger in the workplace. The list of problems it causes can be unending: absenteeism, decline in quality of work and productivity, personality changes, disruptive behavior, changes in work habits, overreaction to minor issues, lack of cooperation with coworkers and supervisors and, worst of all, workplace violence. 

Frontline Supervisor: Morale & Motivation

Q. Some employees seem to have morale problems. My problem is that "poor morale" is a hard thing to document or describe. Is poor morale something upon which I can base a supervisor referral, or is it a symptom of something else? 

Frontline Supervisor: Becoming a Better Manager

Q. My employees say they like me because I am an easy boss. I think they appreciate the fact that I am not demanding, and am more like “one of the guys.” I think they respect me more for it. Do you think I am right? 

Frontline Supervisor: Alcohol and Your Employees

Q. I was thinking of taking disciplinary action in response to my employee's conduct problems at work. She entered treatment for alcoholism, so I held off. Unfortunately, she quit treatment and went home. Should I quickly prepare the disciplinary action? If I don't, I think problems will continue. 

Frontline Supervisor: Bullying in the Workplace

Q. Another supervisor told me that one of my best employees frequently bullies coworkers when I'm not around. My employee is so gentle; I find it hard to believe he’s a bully. Should I investigate or ignore this?