Balloon Sinuplasty: A Quick & Easy Solution for Chronic Sinusitis

Studies have shown that the impact of chronic sinusitis on quality of life can be more significant than congestive heart failure, COPD or back pain. For many patients, the thought of sinus surgery can be quite scary. Most patients undergoing balloon sinus surgery will find the recovery to be easier and quicker than with traditional surgery.

An App a Day Keeps Health Problems Away

A BJC Medical Group physician recommends her favorite apps for managing diabetes, losing weight, quitting smoking and more.

Help Your Hearing Health

May is Better Hearing Month. This month, take a moment to reflect on your hearing health. Do you communicate easily with others or do you experience signs of hearing loss? If you do, it may be time to seek the opinion of an audiologist.

How Healthy Is Your Sleep?

Do your sleeping habits make a difference in your life? Most of us are aware that there are four stages of sleep -- the first three are known as non-REM sleep followed by the last stage -- stage four, or REM sleep. REM sleep occurs toward the end of the night as our body becomes actively paralyzed and limp. REM sleep is the stage during which we dream. What else do we know -- and what should we know about sleep itself?

Is It Allergies or a Sinus Infection?

The season of allergies has begun. Learn from a BJC Medical Group otolaryngologist how to tell the difference between a sinus infection and typical spring allergies.

Fiber: Bulk Up for Health

Even though we know fiber can help prevent colon cancer, most of us don't get enough in our diet. Find out ways to "bulk up" and get more fiber every day.

Fizzy Facts: How Soda Affects Your Health

In this article, a BJC Medical Group physician quenches your thirst for more information about the health implications of drinking soda.

Am I Too Sick To Work Out?

The new year is a time for new beginnings. Many people take this time to start a new workout plan to lose weight, get fit and be healthier. While this is a great time to focus on exercise and fitness, cold and flu season may derail these plans. You may be tempted to push through the runny nose, sore throat and congestion to stick to your workout plan, but this may cause your body more harm than good.

Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Numerous treatments are available through your physician to drastically reduce or perhaps eliminate many of the problem symptoms of menopause. 

How Many Calories Do You Need?

Your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the number of calories your body needs each day to perform basic functions. From the time you go to sleep at night until you go to sleep the next night, your body is using calories to fuel the body. Nearly 75 percent of the calories you eat each day are used by the body for this purpose.