Protect Your Little Pumpkins This Halloween

With the little ones gearing up for another Halloween, parents should be mindful of costume malfunctions and other dangers. Here are some guidelines from a BJC Medical Group physician for a fun, safe holiday.

How to Talk to Kids About Traumatic Events

When children experience a trauma, watch it on TV or overhear others discussing it, they can feel scared, confused or anxious. Young people react to trauma differently than adults. Some may react right away; others may show signs that they are having a difficult time much later. Here are tips to help parents, caregivers and teachers respond in a helpful way.

Easing the Back-to-School Transition

Some children have a more difficult time than others making the transition back to school. Here are tips to help you ease your child's anxiety about getting back into the swing of the school year.

The Dangers of Leaving Kids in Cars

On average, 38 children die each year of heat stroke as a result of being left in a car unattended. Sadly, 52 percent of these deaths are the result of the child being forgotten by a caregiver. Here are simple steps to avoid tragedy from a BJC Medical Group pediatrician.

Building Healthy Relationships with Stepchildren

With 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it's common to become a stepparent. This can be a rewarding or difficult role. The good news is that with time and planning you can have a positive relationship with your stepchild. Here are some actions you can take to build successful relationships with your stepchildren.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Sending or reading a text on the highway is like driving the entire length of a football field blindfolded -- extremely dangerous. Distracted driving is an epidemic on America's roadways.

Coping Strategies for Alzheimer's Caregivers

As a caregiver for someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease, you'll face difficult challenges as you try to provide care. Learn more about how you and your family can deal with this devastating diagnosis.

Protect Your Kids From Internet Crime

An estimated 77 million American children and teens are now online. Learn the warning signs and how to prevent your child from becoming a target.

Talking to Kids About Nutrition

Good nutrition for children is challenging because it needs to look appetizing, smell pleasant and taste good. Putting together a meal that meets all those criteria seems near impossible if you are a busy parent on the go. However, there are some startling statistics that might help get you motivated.

Sledding Safety

When those first snowflakes start drifting out of the sky, do your children have their faces up against the window watching in amazement? Then it won't be long before the sleds are out and everyone's bundling up for a trek to the slopes.