What You Can Do About Workplace Bullying

Have you ever encountered a bully in your workplace? If so, you are not alone.  “Workplace Bullying,” actually a term borrowed from the British and introduced to Americans in 1997 by the Workplace Bullying Institute, has been defined as malicious abusive conduct. It is a non-physical form of workplace violence. Bullying involves deliberate wrongdoing and undermines work. 

Frontline Supervisor: How to Deal with Downsizing

Q. How can I support employees who remain after downsizing? Many relationships were lost, and grief and anger exist. Will this situation eventually right itself? Perhaps I should make myself scarce because I represent management, the target of their anger.

Frontline Supervisor: Performance Appraisals

Q. Some of my employees have not had performance evaluations in several years, including some of my more difficult workers with attitude problems. I'm sure some connection exists between the lack of an evaluation and their behavior, but shouldn't self-control reign in mature workers?

Frontline Supervisor: Effective Documentation

Q. How can I be better at documentation? I’ve been criticized for not sticking to the facts when I write, but if one of my employees demonstrates a continual pattern of conflict with others, I would say the “facts” are that the employee has a conflict-ridden personality.

How to Deal With the Grief of Job Loss

Grief related to job loss can be devastating. While it can be similar in many ways to death-related grief, job loss grief has some serious symptoms all its own. Here are some of the symptoms of job loss grief.

Frontline Supervisor: Employees’ Health Problems

Q. I suspect that an employee has an eating disorder, but it’s not affecting her performance. Still, I’m concerned about her well-being. Is my suspicion sufficient to make a supervisor referral to BJC EAP?

Frontline Supervisor: Substance Abuse

Q. My employee, who has a commercial driver’s license, reportedly told another coworker he knows how to beat a drug test. All drivers participate in the drug screening program, and we have never had a positive test. What should I do, and how worried should I be?

Frontline Supervisor: High-Conflict Employees

Q. I have two employees who experience a lot of conflict. I know I can refer them to BJC EAP or, if things get worse, threaten disciplinary action. What more can I do to motivate them to change their behavior?

Keeping a Positive Attitude at Work

In 2011, when the Cardinals were several games behind first, everyone thought it was over but them. But they kept their positive attitude and went on to win the World Series. There are many benefits (aside from winning the World Series) to having a positive attitude at work. 

Frontline Supervisor: Extracurricular Activities at Work

Q. An employee loves organizing office pools for sports events. Maybe it’s harmless fun, but he treats it seriously and pressures people to place big bets. Is this an issue for an EAP referral?