All-Terrain Vehicles: Quick Facts for a Safer Ride

There are more than 700 deaths and 100,000 injuries each year involving ATVs, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. By following the safety tips below, hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries related to ATVs could be prevented.

Heroin Abuse and Addiction

Heroin use has increased in the suburbs, with women and those with higher incomes. The use of heroin has doubled among those 18-25 years old. There is a heroin epidemic in the St. Louis region due to being in close proximity to Chicago, decreased cost and increased availability in the powder form. Heroin addiction can be difficult to stop. Addiction can start gradually for some, or for others it can be immediate.

Frontline Supervisor: Skills for New Supervisors

Q. I want to make a good impression on my employees now that I am their new supervisor. What will employees focus on most as they “size me up” over the next several months?

Mold and Your Health
In 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough and wheeze in otherwise healthy people and with asthma symptoms in people with asthma. The IOM also found limited or suggestive evidence linking indoor mold exposure and respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children. 
Zika A to Z

Zika outbreaks are currently happening in many countries. The mosquitoes that can become infected with and spread Zika live in many parts of the world, including parts of the United States.

How Does Technology Affect Sleep?

Sleep and technology seem to have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, technology can enhance our sleep, but some electronics can inhibit our sleep and maybe even cause insomnia. Fitness trackers and their associated apps can provide us with information about the quality and duration of our sleep. 

Frontline Supervisor: Common Management Mistakes

Q. What’s the most common mistake supervisors make when confronting troubled employees?

Protecting Your Kids from the Sun

Just a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later in life. Kids don’t have to be at the pool, beach or on vacation to get too much sun. Their skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays whenever they’re outdoors.

Simple Steps to Pool Safety

A few simple safety steps can save lives in and around pools and spas. Ensure a safe and fun experience by following these tips.

What You Should Know About Family Violence

Family violence often goes unreported. Often, victims feel ashamed about what's happened or hopeless about improving their situation. In the meantime, family members suffer. Family violence often results in physical suffering, emotional pain and economic loss. Learning about it can help.